Today’s piece is a refresher of what life was back in the 90’s …

I’m lucky I was fortunate to belong to thise cadre of kids who had such childhood memories …

Importantly, if you don’t know and/or use any of the following items, then I was there at your naming ceremony and I ate your naming ceremony meal with ease. And you shouldn’t be discussing nigerian politics, yet … LOL

Well, I was intentionally messing around with the “new age/technology” kids. Those that grew up watching sound city/Afmag/Super sports etc …

I used them all and I’m still alive.
God, thanks a lot for the sustenance …


Have you seen this combination before?

Or better still did you use it back then when NITEL was fully operational? 


Imagine the return of NITEL?

At a tender age, I didn’t know what this card was used for but older folks told me it was for the phone booth. Always saw people call at the booths but was too young and ignorant to observe …

Those phone booths back then were more like a “no-go area” for the kids. I usually wondered how my dad contacted his relatives in Ibadan and Ilorin back then. I was a little chap then …

As the years went bye, I discovered it was a credit card (recharge card) used for making calls back then at telephone booth provided by NITEL in 1990s …

My dad and uncles had it, me? Who do I want to call with it?

Well the call card was sacred at that time. We could only look but never touch …

I know NITEL but then we didn’t have a telephone at home, for the home phone (landlines), call card wasn’t required, there’s a way you subscribe to NITEL, you pay monthly, it operates more like NEPA (I mean PHCN) billing system.

The call card is not for landlines at home, it’s actually used at NITEL phone booth state. Can you believe that? Not all states in Nigeria had the NITEL Phone booths. LOL!!!

Those days ehn, it was only on Sundays we do visit the phone booth to make call!! The queue there beats the BVN queue hands down!

I was so young then but I remember following the family (it’s more like a family outing then. lol) to Lagos Island (eko) where the booth was, we were staying at Jakande estate, Mile 2! All they did then was ‘Oya, talk to your aunty’ and before I said “hello” they’ll collect it and say “e yen na ti to. O ti ma n so’ro ju ” (that’s enough. You talk too much)! …

Lolzzzz… Those good old days when NITEL had total and absolute monopoly of the telecommunications industry …

You either buy this or you use NIPOST to send letters, which could take months to deliver …

Then, the child became a boy. I got admitted to the prestigious Federal Government College, Ogbomoso. NITEL phone booth was in place, only one booth, situated close to the security post at the gate. My FEGCO goons will remember this vividly. The nunber one item on my provision list was “NITEL Call Card”. I remember getting to school only to realise that the phone booth at school was dysfunctional! *tears

Well, the faulty phone booth was later fixed and I could make use of my NITEL Call card without the supervision of my elder ones. I thought I had arrived, only to find out that the “seniors” in the hostel were devil-reincarnate!  That’s a story for another day …

Use the NITEL card to call international number at your own peril …

1000 units, call rate was #5/unit (probably equivalent to #5,000 worth of today’s call card) for international call could get exhausted in less than 20 minutes. Damn!!! the card reads at Usain Bolt’s pace! …

I used it and I’m not that old, or am I? …

Hear what some older folks had to say:

EMEKA: “I used it my first two years in UNIBEN. I used to buy my own card from Lagos then and wait on the line at the Faculty of Agriculture to make a call”.

LADI: “As a UNILORIN student back then, we’ll take a cab to Post office area to make use of the phobe booth and card. We’ll wait on the line for nothing less than 30 minutes just to make a call of about 1:30 minutes!” Nostalgic.

ZAINAB: “So old. Alhaji bought me one in JS 2. He wanted to know where we were, per time, outside of the school gates. The crime rate in Lagos back then was off the charts. Riots, civil liberties protests against the military government, people lynched and burned robbery suspects right on the streets. Gory stuff.” …

WALE: “Kept mine in the fridge to replenish the units. When your unit goes below 5, just wrap your card in nylon and freeze it (in the freezer/fridge) a little, you’ll have more than 10units next time you insert it. Naija people don dey outsmart network providers since independence” …

NNAMDI: “ahhh great those phone booths. Wondered how my dad contacted his brother in PH then. Was little then. My uncle had a CELLULAR, the antena na die.” …

WARIS: “That was how we roll then,showing swag with the card, phone booth things. Technology is good,imagine queueing to make a silly call then.” …

OKAFOR: “NITEL!!! Their cables at our backyard served as our lines to spread cloth. Lol. E get some cheats sef. That freezer chilling of the card cheat then was dope.”


* Black and White TV sets
* Brick Game
* Cassette Player and Cassettes



The “NTA 7″ Newscaster got me! ROTFLMAO!!! …

I remember the Black and White television set of yesteryears, we had something like that made by Sanyo.

It was a very “stubborn telly”, if purchased brand new, you’ll marvel at its operations …

If purchased “second-hand” (fairly used), my people, you’re in for it. If you want to increase the volume, you slap the telly by the side! If you want a clear screen vision/picture, you knock/hit the top of the telly. Funny and very frustrating indeed! Every body in my house was a “telly technician/expert”. The meanest punishment our parents could give us then was to lock the telly (the tv was constructed inside a cupboard-like frame) and take the keys with them to work. No watching of TV till they come back home! Time really flies!!! …

Trying to repack a loose cassette was the toughest task one could think of. I usually end up ruining the entire tape.

Brick game was 5 times bigger than Play Station! If you don’t have one, you’re gone! My immediate elder brother was a guru in it. I could wait 5 hours to play my turn, which wouldn’t last 10 minutes. The guy just keeps breaking down the blocks!

The biggest sporting event while I was growing up as a Nigerian was our giant strides in football … Tunisia ’94, USA ’94 and Atlanta ’96 …


Gosh I used to love Okin biscuits like cra’y, especially the “rectangular one”. I can still remember the taste now! … My God!

Tales had it that the Indian manager at the company producing Okin buscuits had a misunderstanding with the CEO. He left angrily with his magic and that led to the downfall of the company till date …

There’s stove then, it always had blue flames, not the nonsense we see today that always blackens our pots with red flames! …

Our blue band margarine/butter was in a tin container then. It had a unique taste not this one in the market now …

The Bournvita Beverage was also classic …

That coal iron burnt my elder sisters pinafore (I’ve got lots of elder sisters, about 9), so I know what I’m saying. I wasn’t left out too, my wears then in the boarding house didn’t escape the wrath of the coal iron. oh! Good old days. Many people are still using the iron till this day …

I used to have a catapult. It was the only thing that made visiting the village fun. The birds saw hell in my hands! …

There’s this lyrics we chorus to those exercise books: “Ede times Ede, Remi ko ni iya, Segun elere bolu, Odabo odabo Kayode” …

If you know and had a taste of Sprint bubble gum, Trebor, Goody Goody, Ajinomoto (we pronounce it Ajilomoto), Tandi Gurana, 3-Orange men, Limca, Gold Spot, Sports billy, Birdman, Ovides videos, Telematch, etc, my dear, *your head is there and you’re fully carried*

Good old days when life was sweet and peaceful …
Oh, the good old days. Where are thou?


Please, feel free to add your classic childhood memories in the comment section. #Bless



Each time I see what “Bayo Omoboriowo” does with photography, even as a 4.26 graduate of chemistry, I marvel.

I ask my self what is the essence of Education? If doing what you like pays the bill and makes you shine like Buhari’s shoe and keeps your head high like Jonathan’s Fedora hat…

…then that is the true essence of schooling…to polish your skills and give you opportunity to think wide…

Think like Wizkid, Dare Art alade, Runtown, Flavour, 2face etc to write rhymes and flows that would change your life for good…

…if writing your way to the top like “Japheth Omojuwa” would save your ass from GNLD Job invites…then keep the ball rolling…

…if only we know what the future holds for us, may be we would be more tactical and change our views about life and what true Education is all about…

Who buys all the Buggati, Ferrari, Benz 4matics, Fords of this world? … Business men and people with skills and great dexterity and not civil servants! Well except civil servants looting the treasury…

Who travels around the world and see places? … Definitely not 8am – 6pm workers…

Who builds all the mansions we all see on the front covers of magazines? … Definitely not paid workers but innovators…

Possibly when we start thinking out of the box, of how to at least to put food on our table, may be we would stop distributing CV’s to all our enemies…

Every job interview is another story for another day, the agony and level of HR’s constant show of remorse and ineptitude is so down casting… Until we are able to tell them, that we are better than that piece of paper called certificate, then we shall trample on vices that has always been stopping us from progressing…

Job Applicants, let’s think, follow our subconsciousness, let’s listen to our inner minds, work on our ideas, ideas are mind virus that replicates with time. Ideas rules the world, it can take us to places, it gives us the only secured job we all have been looking for… After all, what we are looking for is survival, conviniency and satisfaction…

If that hobby we overlook is giving us stipends, then it’s safe to say we can get much more from it, if we devout more time and become more passionate about it…

We can make it as a standup comedian, if “I-go-die” can do it…

We can make it as an On Air Personality (OAP), if we start a little as functions/programmes MC…

We can create better Apps than “Whatsapp”, better blogs than “Linda Ikeji”, better forum than even “Nairaland”…

We can do well as a fashion designer, if Wasiu Taiwo (Wessy Fashions) who used to be M.K.O’s tailor can today build a continental suites…

Today we see how all this small artistes, buying flashy cars and mansions all around, yet most didn’t even do up to one-quarter of what we went through in the university…

Let’s look around our environment, what problem can we solve that can fetch us something, no matter how small it is? … Definitely we won’t be where we are yesterday even though we may not in any way be near where we want to be…

Let’s keep an open mind and do something behind while we keep sending our CV’s (if we still feel the need)… Indeed, opportunities abound if only we can comb and scan our environments…

After all,
Paid Jobs = Money
Service Provision & Talents = Money
Business = Money


Still on the street sha … Every man must live his own path … Every “Odenigbo”, “Adisa” and “Garba” would one day find his level…

Then, we shall say we have ARRIVED…

God bless all the “never-say-never” dudes and chics still on the street…
Shout out to those “street dons” giving us the “can do” spirit and the “going inspiration”… if “Small Doctor” is making it at the moment, who says you can’t? …


Just thinking … Echoes from the voice of the wriggling Nigeria youths on the street…

It shall be well with us…





Growing up in a small town called Bexley, Ohio, USA, I knew I always wanted more out of life. I grew up in a place where some families had Range Rovers and lived in mansions while
other families had beat up Hondas and lived in tiny homes. I was always curious why some succeeded financially while others seemed to always struggle. More so, I was always trying to figure out in my head what I was going to do to achieve financial success.

Around 16/17 years old, I became obsessed with a “lifestyle”. I remember watching Entourage while growing up and always saying to myself that one day I was going to live that type of life. I had no idea how it was going to happen,
but I knew it would happen. Also around that time, I was introduced to people
like Tony Robbins and Les Brown, I was given the book “Think Big & Kick Ass” by Donald Trump, as well as “Rich Dad
Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. To this day I remember getting sent into the hall from my Chemistry class because I
had one of my “personal development” books inside of my Periodic Table of Elements textbook and Ms. Blanchard (my Chemistry teacher) did not like that.

Throughout school, I always did enough to merely get by. I would configure “how low my score could be” to keep a “B” in most classes, maintain my 3.0 GPA and keep my mom happy. At 17, I received a 1490/2400 on my SAT and was told that was way below average and was told that I need to increase my test scores/get smarter to attend a “good” university. Me being stubborn, I didn’t even retake the SAT! I applied to 3 schools, 2 said heck NO, and ASU (Arizona State University) let me in.

At 18, I dropped out of the business school because I refused to take Calculus courses and my economics teacher (after receiving a 63% on our first exam) told me that I would never earn any money, amount to much, and companies wouldn’t hire me if I didn’t understand the basic economic
principles of the country. At 19, I saw a “Million Dollar Listing” on TV, saw young guys making money with nice cars, the next day, I applied and took a taxi to the real estate school. The front desk lady suggested I wait until after college to obtain my license, I didn’t listen, I took the 90 in seat hours, failed the exam 12+ times, finally got it, closed some deals, made probably $30,000 – $40,000 and got my first taste of entrepreneurship.

Throughout college, most of the teachers talked about JOBS!!! They talked about filling out resumes. They even spoke about “unpaid internships” and taking a low paying job for a few years and “waiting our turns”. They passed out the “average incomes of certain careers” worksheet and none of them made much sense to me and quite frankly pissed me off. I never worked an internship while in school, and quickly, I began to develop almost a “hate” towards “jobs”.

Fast forward 2011, I got approached to get involved with “Network Marketing” with VEMMA Nutrition Company. I thought it was a scam, too good to be true, and thought it was dumb. Did some research, met the Founder and CEO of the VEMMA Nutrition Company, B K. Boreyko, and met a 25-year old lad who made $490,000 in 2010 alone! At that point legal or illegal, I was in. Thankfully, it was backed by:

[I] the famous NBA team (The Phoenix Suns)

[II] a famous doctor, Yibling Wang, M.D., Ph.D.

[III] a “A+ rating” with the BBB (Better Business Bureau),

and since I wasn’t a complete idiot, I figured out if it wasn’t legal it’d get shut down.

Super long story cut short, I joined this company at $100,000,000-a-year and 4 years later, our team had grown into 50 states, 32 countries, we had several hundred people in free BMW’s, 21+ six figure income earners, I had made my first $1,000,000 by my 25th birthday, and the company more than doubled into a $221,000,000 firm.

How is that possible? We worked very hard and still to this day work very, very hard. We provide products and services to a marketplace in dire need. We help young people pay their way through college. We help moms feed their kids and fathers get out of their 9am – 5pm daily working schedule in which they hate. We help people obtain time and money freedom. Most importantly, we
help thousands of people become better people.

My wish for you is that you chase your dreams. Because I chased mine I have been able to travel to Spain, Italy,Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Norway, Holland, England, Austria, Czech Republic, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and many more. Because I didn’t listen to the negative naysayers, I’ve been able to set my family up financially forever. Because of this business, I get to spend time with my grandparents who are both in their 80’s. Because of this business, I now have a platform of 100,000+ on social media whom I can genuinely help live better lives and achieve their goals,dreams and aspirations.

If you’re still reading this, don’t ever quit. Don’t ever give up. The road to success is a long winding road. Filled with bumps, bruises, tragedies and triumphs. When you set out to do something different it can be scary, you will lose some friends, it will challenge you, you will be upset and angry, you’ll even cry sometimes. But it’s worth it. It’s truly worth it. Chase your dreams no matter how big they may be. Never give up. Master your skills, be a leader you wish to follow. Care about others, help others, provide value and work your ass off in a very smart way.

Results are not typical so don’t be typical. Your results may vary depending on your efforts, work ethic, attitude and personal will to win. I believe in you. I am dedicating my time on earth to help you achieve your goals and dreams. I’m not a motivational speaker. I’m not some “guru” who’s never made money except in coaching/training/speaking. I made that $1,000,000+ so I can teach you how to make $1,000,000+ too.Period. Don’t waste your money on paying for audios, videos, books, trainings, until you’ve seen PROOF they’ve earned at least $1,000,000 inside Network Marketing. They’re a coach, guru, trainer? Not until $1,000,000+ my friends.

Make sure you get in touch with your local Vemma Nutritional Company’s representative for further enquiries and ensure you subscribe to:

I will do my best to help you get to where you want to go.


Alex Morton
Royal Ambassador, Vemma
Member, The SuperCharged Network

Posted yesterday (Wednesday, June 17, 2015) via Facebook by Alex Morton at 08:16 near Tempe, AZ, United States.



Thanks a lot folks for taking your time to read through.

Kindly hit me up via the following social media platforms for more enquiries on the VEMMA opportunities:

Whatsapp : 08039343188
Facebook : Salami Ismail El’Sama
Twitter : @sama_on_point
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Skype : sama_on_point

Salami Ismail Oyewale
Affiliate, VEMMA


It’s been a while a new article got published on here. Since my last post, the following has occurred:

* The opposition party in Nigeria has changed.

* The ruling party in Nigeria has changed.

* Our fellow blacks chopped off their fellow blacks in South Africa. #XenophobicSA

* About four (4) cases of white police men killing blacks in the USA. #BlackLivesMatter

* General elections were held in the UK.

* I broke up with 5 girls, made up with 3 of them and met 2 new girls. Technically, I’m back at the same 5 girls just with different names!

* Nigeria got a new president

* I travelled out to the Republic of Benin!

* Arsenal won the FA Cup!

* President Muhammadu Buhari got sworn in.

* Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan returned to Otuoke.

And the most iconic event that happened ever since was this:

* FIFA President, Sepp Blatter stepped down as FIFA president amid corruption charges.

Actually, I don’t have any write up to publish. I just want you all to know I’m alive, hail and healthy. Not a single beep from you lot. It’s unfair. Okay I got some mails from about a dozen readers requesting for new writes ups. Thanks for the mails.

Today’s piece is about a random guy I stumbled into at the local “jedi” joint recently. Well, I now visit “jedi” joints regularly. At the joint, I was complaining, bitterly, of life’s predicament generally. The chap, got fed up of my whining, gave me a wash-down about his life. Kindly read and enjoy.


I didn’t know what “jam” was till 2013. I’m 28 years old! My father never bought it, so I never knew what it was. I was lucky to take my bread with butter, it usually occurs once in a while. Our bread was always washed down with water!

At 13, I was already on the “street”. I had an older cousin named Monday, he was a typical “cause-trouble”. He was good at everything negative: stealing hen, pick pocketing, gambling, purse snatching, street fighting etc. It was at Monday’s feet I learned all my negative attributes. I owe him a lot for the man I’ve developed into. Monday got into street cult, he was “chopped down” half a decade ago. That was the turning point of my life.

At 19, I was out of secondary school, I don’t know how I did it, but I passed my WAEC. I can’t recall ever reading. All I, and my crew, back then depended on was “miracle centres and runs”.

Leaving secondary school made me realise I was close to becoming a man. I had to fend for myself. I was no longer a kid. Monday was gone forever, for the first time I had to make decisions for myself. Our parents had long  abandoned us. I was from a broken home. Dad was one of those unpaid pensioners. Mum was a petty trader. I am from a family of seven (7) – six (6) boys, one (1) girl.

My first job was at a bakery. I earned little, I worked heavily. It wasn’t my way. I quit after only 2 months. Next came the bar job. As a bartender, I knew virtually all the regular “happening guys” in our neighbourhood, I got tips from them regularly, I made money, but I ended up paying with my salary for unaccounted drinks. At the end of a particular month, I took nothing home after the cost of the drinks that were unaccounted for was deducted from my salary. I quit the bar that very day! Then the factory job came along. It was one of those Lebanese-owned companies. I just couldn’t believe I was a Nigerian working in Nigeria. My human dignity was eroded. I was a slave working in a foreign land. No rights, no privileges, no union, no voice. Everyday, workers were de-humanised, we were made to work in all kinds of inhuman conditions you can think of; extreme heat, intense cold etc. I couldn’t take it anymore, I got to my breaking point, I had to throw in the towel and quit after 6 months.

My final menial job was the “battery charging” venture at various camps, be it religious or the NYSC camp. I worked with a boss, he had about 5 of us working for him. Our services includes operating the popular desktop charging centre. Our business required little capital, a “I-better-pass-my-neighbour” generator, a wooden cage to house about 50 sockets, the strength to stand about 20 hours a day (for religious camps) and a personal conviction to earn money.

It was at these camps that I saw the other side of life. I would go 10 days without taking my bath. I had a big suit, no I’m sorry, a big coat with about 4 big pockets, where customer’s batteries were kept. Most times we don’t charge people’s batteries, we collect their money and their batteries, pocket it and forget totally to charge. When the owner returns in about 2 hours, we smile broadly and inform him/her of the tremendous efforts we’ve put in to charge their battery, all in the hope to extract more cash as tips. We charge #50 per battery. At the end of each day, we remit between #15,000 – #25,000 to our boss. As a sharp-bad guy, I regularly short change my boss to the tune of about #5,000 – #7,500 per day. Thus, at the end of the 10-day camp, I would have earned a minimum of #50,000 for myself illegitimately, and my boss pays us #15,000 for the 10-day camp. I never knew I could make legitimate cash in my life. It’s the most stressful menial job I’ve ever done.

I prefer the NYSC orientation camp to the religious camps. The crowd at the NYSC camp are much smaller, compared to the religious camps. At the NYSC camp, there’s a time-table for daily activities, thus we know when the corpers will troop out to drop their batteries for charging and when they would return to collect them. But at the religious camps, no routine, at every point in time, people are moving, constantly, they always charge! At the NYSC camps, I get to bath everyday. I don’t have to stand for more than 2 hours at a stretch. You need to look good to attract those university babes to your charging stand. It’s usually fun. We get to listen to music too. No one plays social music at the religious camps! No bonfire nights at the religious camps. And if you’re smart enough and endowed with “sweet mouth”, you could get lucky and get laid! Forget your status as a “battery charger”. After all, “love is blind”.

After roaming the streets and acquiring all these “street work experience”, I decided to further my education. I wrote JAMB, definitely at a miracle centre. Passed, as expected, then got admitted at 22. As a university boy, I couldn’t go back to these “menial jobs”, I had to keep earning to maintain my lifestyle in school. That’s how I became a “typist”. I hustled hard to get a laptop, bought a modem, the rest they say is history. I bought that car parked outside as a “typist”. The white folks are paying me and my colleagues for all that they’ve taken away from our forefathers.

My brother, that’s my story! Stop whining and work hard, either legitimately or illegitimately, pick a side and strive to become the best at whatever you do. Life isn’t a bed of roses, especially for the majority of us born with a wooden spoon!


Well, dear readers, that’s what I learned at the “jedi” joint. I hope I’ve been able to impact your life positively. Thank you for sparing your time to read this week’s piece. #Bless



Buhari on course for victory in Nigeria’s historic election.

Results from 18 states and the Federal Capital Territory, coupled with New African Magazine projections for the remaining 18 states, suggest that Muhammadu Buhari has taken a near unassailable lead over incumbent president Goodluck Jonathan in the electoral battle for the Nigerian presidency.

The former military ruler leads by 8,520,436 votes to incumbent Goodluck Jonathan’s 6,488,210. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) due to announce the remaining states results starting at 10am local time (9am GMT) today, Tuesday March 31, 2015.

In a chastening day for Jonathan and his People’s Democratic Party (PDP), it became apparent that turnout had been substantially lower than the party had anticipated in five South South and South Eastern states where INEC announced results. Jonathan’s electoral strategy had been to stock up a massive lead of around 10 million votes – approximately half the
total needed to win the election overall – in these areas.
This strategy appears to be failing.Turnout in a PDP strong hold, Imo state, in the South East region, halved from 84% in 2011 to 42% this year, while turnout in Abia, another PDP strong hold, also in the South East region, was a mere 30%, some 48% shy of 2011’s total.

Even if Jonathan manages to replicate the vast scale, in absolute terms, of his 2011 victory in five of the six South-South states yet to declare results, he is unlikely to overcome Buhari’s lead in other parts of the country, according to New African Magazine projections.
That stands in stark contrast to the enthusiasm of Buhari’s backers in the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) stronghold of the North West region. The four declared states saw an average swing to the APC of over 13%, with Jonathan failing to achieve 25%
of the vote in 3 of those 4 declared states so far. Those advances suggested an impressive get-out-the-vote operation. The APC needs a
national swing of 9% to beat the PDP, all else being equal.

The North Central zone, a key battleground region comfortably won by Jonathan in 2011, saw remarkable
swings to Buhari: 37% in Kogi state, 38% in Kwara, and 17.5% in Plateau.
The win with 60% of the vote in Kogi state was particularly impressive given that the state was solidly behind Jonathan in 2011. Buhari also secured a substantial victory in Ogun, in the South West region battleground, with an increased turnout delivering victory for the APC leader.

Jonathan has won eight states, four winning over 90%, but it became apparent from early on that his voter
base lagged far behind that of 2011. Bright points for his victory so far included victory in Ekiti with a 10%
swing to the incumbent and a 2% swing in an ultimately losing cause in Osun – the only state in the South West not to back Jonathan in 2011. Official turnout in Ekiti increased from 34% in 2011 to 43% this time. But with all indications suggesting strong APC advances, it is Buhari who is likely to be eagerly anticipating the resumption of results at 10am.

With 18 states still up for grabs across the country, New African Magazine analysis suggests that Jonathan would
have to execute a dramatic turn around in the North East, an opposition stronghold, and achieve similar
results to 2011 in the remaining five South-South states, for Buhari to be deprived of his win.

Nigeria’s electoral rules stipulate that the winning candidate is simply the one with the most votes, as long as they have also achieved more than 25% of the vote in 24 states. Buhari is set to achieve this second criteria in at least 25 states. If Buhari does not emerge the winner, it would depend on either an extremely unlikely set of election results
later today, or more malign influences.

INEC has run elections which, according to initial analysis from
election observers, have been harder to rig than prior contests in Nigeria. It would be an enormous drop in
performance if INEC were unable to see these generally well run and highly praised elections through to the end successfully.

Still, APC campaign sources who spoke to New African Magazine were not allowing themselves to get carried away. They were upbeat but determined to wait for the only declaration that counts – that of Attahiru Jega,
chairman of INEC.

– additional reporting by David Thomas



H.A.P.P.Y  M.A.R.R.I.E.D  L.I.F.E  TO  MY AMIABLE COUSIN »»» Adepoju Shukurat “SHUQQY” Modupe.

May ALLAH (S.W.T) put HIS rahmah into your union sister.

This morning, I’ll bore you with the details of the correspondences between myself and my “not-too-learned landlord”.


To whom it may concern,
Please kindly evacuate your belongings (luggage) with immediate effect at the end of February 28, 2015. No logistic or dialogue.

Sign by the owner.

Firstly, my land lord is NOT learned. He’s a successful businessman from the Eastern part of Nigeria. I respect him for his business acumen. But I detest him for his illiteracy. He has surrounded himself with sycophantic individuals who do not see beyond the little parochial gain they’ll get from his investments.

Secondly, upon getting his letter, I laughed my ribs out, not my ass out, for I saw a man devoid of intellectual capacity. Furthermore, I got angry a bit because the above correspondence, in my opinion, does not in any way stand as an eviction notice, I see it as an attack on my intellectual prowess, a disgrace to my years in the four walls of various educational institutions. Did I tell you the young man didn’t serve us a copy of his “purported eviction notice”? The “mofo” pasted it on the doors of each apartment!

Finally, I made peace with myself, forgave the landlord, “for he knew not what he was doing”. And I decided to write him back, on behalf of other residents, this time, with a proper letter.

The Residents,
XYZ Lodge,

To: The Landlord,
      XYZ Lodge.

Dear Sir,


Sequel to a purported letter signed by the owner/landlord, XYZ Lodge, instructing all residents/occupants of XYZ lodge to evacuate, with immediate effect, on or before the end of February 28, 2015, we, the residents/occupants of the lodge, view this eviction notice as insensitive, draconian in nature and an injustice to the residents/occupants of the lodge.

In addition, we, the residents of the lodge, unanimously reject the eviction notice for the following reasons:

[1] The pasting of the eviction notice, which was done on Sunday, February 8th, 2015, and the deadline of the eviction, Saturday, February 28th, 2015, has only 20-day interval. This 20-day window is too short for the residents to evacuate and search for new apartments.

[2] The Nigerian Tenancy Law explicitly states that: “a yearly tenant (tenant who pays rent once a year) is entitled to six (6) months quit (eviction) notice”.

From the provision of the Nigerian Tenancy Law stated above, it is evidently clear that all residents of XYZ lodge who are yearly tenants, are entitled to six (6) months eviction notice and not a 20-day eviction notice.

[3] The residents of XYZ lodge, lived through tremendous hardship and inconvenience during the renovation of the lodge, which started in October 2014, and is still presently ongoing as at today, February 8th, 2015. That is a 5-month period of tremendous hardship and inconvenience on the residents. Instructing the residents to evacuate the building where they’ve been forced to live under strenuous condition is simply insensitive. It should be noted that during the course of the renovation, at no time were the residents informed of an impending eviction.

Furthermore, the residents of XYZ lodge, after suffering great inconveniences due to the 5-month renovation, hereby request for SIX (6) MONTHS residency without pay after the expiration of their individual house rent.

Finally, we, the residents of XYZ lodge, humbly request for an emergency meeting with the owner/landlord, XYZ lodge, on or before Friday, 13th February 2015.

Looking forward to your prompt and favourable response. Thank you sir.

Please, find attached, a list of occupants and their signatures.

Yours Faithfully,
Residents/Occupants, XYZ lodge

As expected, my “not-too-learned” landlord got very furious and agitated upon getting our response. He refused to honour our demand for a meeting. He refused to come to the lodge. He refused to pick our phone calls. While the other occupants were sceptical about the letter we sent to the landlord, I was over confident of the effect of the letter on the landlord and his advisers.

At the expiration of the 20-day ultimatum, the landlord came with his entourage. He demanded for the key to each apartment. He raged with so much fury, threatened to bring down the heavens. Boasted of his connections in and out of the government, and vowed to send us packing! While other residents begged and pleaded with him to have mercy on us and give us the “grace” to live in the apartment, I remained calm and said no single word throughout the heated verbal exchange. Towards the end of the 2-hour meeting, I’m sorry, it wasn’t a meeting, it was more of a plea session by the residents to the landlord, their benefactor, the landlord upon noticing my unusual calmness, specifically requested that I should speak.

My speech was a very “linear straight-to-the-point” talk. I told him how aggrieved I was about his eviction notice, that it wasn’t worthy to be called an eviction notice. I told him that the 20-day eviction notice was next to “slave treatment”. And finally, I told him that I have made up my mind to leave the apartment, that as a matter of fact, I was already searching for a new apartment, but it could take me between three (3) to six (6) months to locate a new apartment, and I would live in my current apartment for free while searching for the new apartment as “I wasn’t his SLAVE but his tenant”.

My speech took about four (4) minutes, and I walked out on everyone at the meeting with some boss sh*t swagggggg after delivering my speech!


ABC & Associates
Legal Practitioners

16th March, 2015

Dear Sir,

We act as Solicitors to your Landlord, Mr. XYZ, and on his behalf, we give you THREE (3) MONTHS’ NOTICE to quit and deliver up possession of the Two Bedroom flat apartment, which you occupy at the above mentioned address effective from 1st dat of April, 2015 to 30th day of June, 2015.

The landlord requires the said apartment for his personal use.

TAKE NOTICE that you are required to vacate the said apartment, pay your arrears of rent and accrued electricity bill on or before the expiration of the said 30th day of June, 2015 unfailingly.

You are warned to comply in order to avoid litigation.

Dated this 16th day of March 2015.

Yours faithfully,
Adeyemi Ciroma Chukwuma Esq.

Please just guess what my response was? I laughed my f*cking ribs out!

It was a triumph for all the education I had reserved all my life.

It was a triumph for knowing my RIGHT and fighting for it.

It was a triumph for a common man!

Little details like this actually matter. I could have accepted my faith and moved on, but I stood firm, gave the other residents the chance to fight for their right too. Throughout the saga, I was very confident in our case.

You all know what? I will take it a step further, I have contacted a lawyer, I plan to respond the solicitor, requesting for the full “six months eviction notice”!

Lest I forgot, for those of you that don’t know me, I am Comrade Salami Ismail Oyewale, I once served as the President of a University’s Student Union Government. I have engaged university dons, who the heck is my landlord that I won’t triumph over him on such a mundane issue as eviction?



The great eras in human life tend not to fall to pieces overnight or end in one great Hollywood finale, instead they disintegrate over months and years until one day no one can quite recall what it was like when they were so impregnable and so certain.

Those young promising graduate with excellent grades will still be jobless come tomorrow. They have become poverty-stricken vendors, only licensed to scrape together some crumbs to ease the gnawing stomachs of themselves and their parent-less relatives at home. But, as so often is the case these days, they find themselves diminished to doing menial jobs.

The MASSES have only ever cherished ONE election since Democracy set foot on our shores, the 1993 polls, adjudged to be the most credible election in the annals of our country, Nigeria, but the problem for the RULING CLASS is that the loss of the MASSES at the polls, has gradually toughened up the electorates.

Slowly, but perceptibly, these two classes: the MASSES and the RULERS are passing one another in the natural order: it is the MASSES who are the more powerful, the more dangerous and it is the RULERS who now put up resistance, much of it admirable, but ultimately doomed to fail.

That was the nature of it when the electioneering process started for the 2015 General Elections. The RULERS started the brighter until the big boys of the MASSES, aided and funded by the opposition, took charge towards the end of the first half. #GMB, relatively subdued by his high standards scored the first by picking a relatively unknown but widely capable Vice presidential candidate, then #OBJ, never to be outshone, by #GMB of all people, added the second by tearing his PDP membership card before the world and suddenly we were again examining a range of mishaps familiar to the Nigerian Electoral processes of the past.

This time it was the defence of the PDP that was dreadfully out of tune in allowing almost identical balls in behind them from the APC’s press channel to permit, first, #GMB and second, #OBJ, to run at #GEJ and undo much of the good work PDP had done up to that point. #GEJ shouted at #Mimiko, #Mimiko glared at #FFK and everyone wondered why #Muazu had just stopped tracking #OBJ’s run for the second.

Each time, the default position of #GEJ and the PDP is to confront his team’s mistakes as if they are a new phenomenon but really the same old errors are being perpetrated again and again. He pointed out sometimes in the past that his side had the best developmental/progressive records and projects in the history of Nigeria until he was reminded that this was not the first time his party, the PDP, had made such boastful and contentious claims in quick succession after being put under the radar by the opposition party.

There were echoes of the defeat at home to Boko Haram insurgents over the past 6 years when a depleted Nigerian Army conceded territory around the North-East and never recovered. The defeat to Boko Haram via the kidnap of the Chibok Girls in the same North-East featured two decisive errors for the country. Reluctantly, #GEJ agreed to the kidnap of the girls after about 3 weeks of silence. Then the Buni-Yadi school boys were attacked. That’s the final straw that broke the PDP-camel’ back against the Boko Haram insurgents.

There is much to admire about #GEJ’s willingness to face up to the most difficult questions and challenges facing the country. But when he earnestly announced “We underestimated the threat of the Boko Haram insurgents”, you did get that looming feeling that satire could soon be pronounced redundant when it comes to this president and this country.

Meanwhile, the same old tensions play out on the pitch. Reuben Abati and Doyin Okupe, the stand-out media performers of #GEJ again, tried desperately to create some kind of momentum with the anguished aspect of a man who realises he has come of age at the helm of the affairs of the country too late for the good times. #GEJ, even in spite of his “good intentions” for the country, behaves as if every passing minute is an agony. No one is capable of taking responsibility.

The decline is incremental. It is not as if Nigeria are bobbing around anarchy, but this government is another small descent further into mediocrity. The Jonathanians usually rise to the defence of their principal whenever he is taunted by the opposition but back at the Presidential Villa when #GEJ faces his cabinet, at the cocoon of their privacy, relating to the events of the country, you can imagine that the mood will be different if things go awry.

The likelihood of the putative military consortium’s takeover of Nigeria, either by hook or crook, has being reported in the tabloids recently is difficult to judge, but the very suggestion of it is one more black crow on #GEJ’s shoulder. He has fought, over the last 6 years at least, for Nigeria to be run according to his principles for so long but there is very little he can say about the actions of the inner caucus of the Nigerian military with an annual budget of trillions.
Then suddenly, the election got postponed by 6 weeks. The Nigerian Army sprang to life. Wide awake from their slumber, this was the Nigerian Army’s day. Not, as might have been expected in the past 6 years of lacklustre commitments from appropriate quarters, a heroic one-off in which they reached beyond their everyday capabilities to chisel out a famous victory. This time they simply exerted their own superiority over the Boko Haram insurgents in the past 5 weeks. Why wait till election deadline to empower the military to tackle insurgency?

This opposition, APC, has better, not necessarily good, individuals, it is more robust and well organised and while there were moments when PDP had more of the people’s will and greater achievements, the APC team never looked on the rack. There has been an ever present exceptional performance from their national secretariat, headed by their Kwara-born spokesman, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, who was simply superb against the unlimited mechanism of the PDP press crew. So too Femi Fani Kayode on whose future it could be said #GEJ’s got lucky. At the start of this regime, FFK was dining with the APC bigwigs, as the electioneering game went on, a secret visit to the Presidential Villa confirmed the signing of FFK to the redoubtable Transformation Agenda team. FFK now leads #GEJ’s Presidential Campaign media crew. He is the new “attack dog” or “attack lion” as Doyin okupe has corrected us in the past. There has been adequate spark from the APC old boy FFK, he has lightened up the #GEJ campaign team. He is a major moral booster. The intellectually sound #Mimiko has been at the forefront of #GEJ’s re-election bid, sticking very close to the man from Otueke at virtually all campaign rally and functions. Adamu Muazu, picked ahead of Bamanga Tukur, is well worth his place in the team. He is living up to his billing as the true “Game Changer”. How could one forget the impact, either positive or negative, of the Ekiti hardcore grassroot/street-to-the-bone politician, Ayodele Fayose on the ongoing electioneering process? Fayose has been at his best, vocally, attacking anybody “attackable”, wishing death upon the opposition presidential aspirants was outright dumb, which prompted the PDP to rightly distance their campaign from his rabid, loose and unguarded utterances.

Special commendation to the APC National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for spotting GMB’s ambition for the ultimate goal of becoming the GCFR once again very early in the race that the PDP had hitherto had the upper hand. Hate him or loathe him, the Jagaban has roundly given the PDP a great run for their money. Then Atiku Abubakar, another solid performer, broke away from the same PDP to pick his nomination form for the APC’s presidential aspirant. Pushed into a corner by the PDP, there is simply no confidence and zeal left in the Turaki Adamawa’s reserve to turn games around and work for the PDP. He bade his time. Pitched his tent with the APC, lost the primaries, then decided to stick with the APC team.

Patience Jonathan’s statements from the PDP’s press channel always created avenue for the APC’s defence team to capitalise on. Senators and House of Representatives members, switched allegiance from the PDP to the APC after losing their seat at the primaries at will, so too did other politicians of lesser impact on the national stage but greater impact at the grassroots level. The life slowly waned in the PDP’s game, much as it once did with the APC in these derbies of election games back in a past that feels increasingly distant.

An APC win or a PDP win at the forthcoming general elections, the MASSES will be better off for it. No party will get to power and remain dormant henceforth, for the RULERS now know that the MASSES  are now in charge of their destiny.