Buhari on course for victory in Nigeria’s historic election.

Results from 18 states and the Federal Capital Territory, coupled with New African Magazine projections for the remaining 18 states, suggest that Muhammadu Buhari has taken a near unassailable lead over incumbent president Goodluck Jonathan in the electoral battle for the Nigerian presidency.

The former military ruler leads by 8,520,436 votes to incumbent Goodluck Jonathan’s 6,488,210. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) due to announce the remaining states results starting at 10am local time (9am GMT) today, Tuesday March 31, 2015.

In a chastening day for Jonathan and his People’s Democratic Party (PDP), it became apparent that turnout had been substantially lower than the party had anticipated in five South South and South Eastern states where INEC announced results. Jonathan’s electoral strategy had been to stock up a massive lead of around 10 million votes – approximately half the
total needed to win the election overall – in these areas.
This strategy appears to be failing.Turnout in a PDP strong hold, Imo state, in the South East region, halved from 84% in 2011 to 42% this year, while turnout in Abia, another PDP strong hold, also in the South East region, was a mere 30%, some 48% shy of 2011’s total.

Even if Jonathan manages to replicate the vast scale, in absolute terms, of his 2011 victory in five of the six South-South states yet to declare results, he is unlikely to overcome Buhari’s lead in other parts of the country, according to New African Magazine projections.
That stands in stark contrast to the enthusiasm of Buhari’s backers in the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) stronghold of the North West region. The four declared states saw an average swing to the APC of over 13%, with Jonathan failing to achieve 25%
of the vote in 3 of those 4 declared states so far. Those advances suggested an impressive get-out-the-vote operation. The APC needs a
national swing of 9% to beat the PDP, all else being equal.

The North Central zone, a key battleground region comfortably won by Jonathan in 2011, saw remarkable
swings to Buhari: 37% in Kogi state, 38% in Kwara, and 17.5% in Plateau.
The win with 60% of the vote in Kogi state was particularly impressive given that the state was solidly behind Jonathan in 2011. Buhari also secured a substantial victory in Ogun, in the South West region battleground, with an increased turnout delivering victory for the APC leader.

Jonathan has won eight states, four winning over 90%, but it became apparent from early on that his voter
base lagged far behind that of 2011. Bright points for his victory so far included victory in Ekiti with a 10%
swing to the incumbent and a 2% swing in an ultimately losing cause in Osun – the only state in the South West not to back Jonathan in 2011. Official turnout in Ekiti increased from 34% in 2011 to 43% this time. But with all indications suggesting strong APC advances, it is Buhari who is likely to be eagerly anticipating the resumption of results at 10am.

With 18 states still up for grabs across the country, New African Magazine analysis suggests that Jonathan would
have to execute a dramatic turn around in the North East, an opposition stronghold, and achieve similar
results to 2011 in the remaining five South-South states, for Buhari to be deprived of his win.

Nigeria’s electoral rules stipulate that the winning candidate is simply the one with the most votes, as long as they have also achieved more than 25% of the vote in 24 states. Buhari is set to achieve this second criteria in at least 25 states. If Buhari does not emerge the winner, it would depend on either an extremely unlikely set of election results
later today, or more malign influences.

INEC has run elections which, according to initial analysis from
election observers, have been harder to rig than prior contests in Nigeria. It would be an enormous drop in
performance if INEC were unable to see these generally well run and highly praised elections through to the end successfully.

Still, APC campaign sources who spoke to New African Magazine were not allowing themselves to get carried away. They were upbeat but determined to wait for the only declaration that counts – that of Attahiru Jega,
chairman of INEC.

– additional reporting by David Thomas



H.A.P.P.Y  M.A.R.R.I.E.D  L.I.F.E  TO  MY AMIABLE COUSIN »»» Adepoju Shukurat “SHUQQY” Modupe.

May ALLAH (S.W.T) put HIS rahmah into your union sister.

This morning, I’ll bore you with the details of the correspondences between myself and my “not-too-learned landlord”.


To whom it may concern,
Please kindly evacuate your belongings (luggage) with immediate effect at the end of February 28, 2015. No logistic or dialogue.

Sign by the owner.

Firstly, my land lord is NOT learned. He’s a successful businessman from the Eastern part of Nigeria. I respect him for his business acumen. But I detest him for his illiteracy. He has surrounded himself with sycophantic individuals who do not see beyond the little parochial gain they’ll get from his investments.

Secondly, upon getting his letter, I laughed my ribs out, not my ass out, for I saw a man devoid of intellectual capacity. Furthermore, I got angry a bit because the above correspondence, in my opinion, does not in any way stand as an eviction notice, I see it as an attack on my intellectual prowess, a disgrace to my years in the four walls of various educational institutions. Did I tell you the young man didn’t serve us a copy of his “purported eviction notice”? The “mofo” pasted it on the doors of each apartment!

Finally, I made peace with myself, forgave the landlord, “for he knew not what he was doing”. And I decided to write him back, on behalf of other residents, this time, with a proper letter.

The Residents,
XYZ Lodge,

To: The Landlord,
      XYZ Lodge.

Dear Sir,


Sequel to a purported letter signed by the owner/landlord, XYZ Lodge, instructing all residents/occupants of XYZ lodge to evacuate, with immediate effect, on or before the end of February 28, 2015, we, the residents/occupants of the lodge, view this eviction notice as insensitive, draconian in nature and an injustice to the residents/occupants of the lodge.

In addition, we, the residents of the lodge, unanimously reject the eviction notice for the following reasons:

[1] The pasting of the eviction notice, which was done on Sunday, February 8th, 2015, and the deadline of the eviction, Saturday, February 28th, 2015, has only 20-day interval. This 20-day window is too short for the residents to evacuate and search for new apartments.

[2] The Nigerian Tenancy Law explicitly states that: “a yearly tenant (tenant who pays rent once a year) is entitled to six (6) months quit (eviction) notice”.

From the provision of the Nigerian Tenancy Law stated above, it is evidently clear that all residents of XYZ lodge who are yearly tenants, are entitled to six (6) months eviction notice and not a 20-day eviction notice.

[3] The residents of XYZ lodge, lived through tremendous hardship and inconvenience during the renovation of the lodge, which started in October 2014, and is still presently ongoing as at today, February 8th, 2015. That is a 5-month period of tremendous hardship and inconvenience on the residents. Instructing the residents to evacuate the building where they’ve been forced to live under strenuous condition is simply insensitive. It should be noted that during the course of the renovation, at no time were the residents informed of an impending eviction.

Furthermore, the residents of XYZ lodge, after suffering great inconveniences due to the 5-month renovation, hereby request for SIX (6) MONTHS residency without pay after the expiration of their individual house rent.

Finally, we, the residents of XYZ lodge, humbly request for an emergency meeting with the owner/landlord, XYZ lodge, on or before Friday, 13th February 2015.

Looking forward to your prompt and favourable response. Thank you sir.

Please, find attached, a list of occupants and their signatures.

Yours Faithfully,
Residents/Occupants, XYZ lodge

As expected, my “not-too-learned” landlord got very furious and agitated upon getting our response. He refused to honour our demand for a meeting. He refused to come to the lodge. He refused to pick our phone calls. While the other occupants were sceptical about the letter we sent to the landlord, I was over confident of the effect of the letter on the landlord and his advisers.

At the expiration of the 20-day ultimatum, the landlord came with his entourage. He demanded for the key to each apartment. He raged with so much fury, threatened to bring down the heavens. Boasted of his connections in and out of the government, and vowed to send us packing! While other residents begged and pleaded with him to have mercy on us and give us the “grace” to live in the apartment, I remained calm and said no single word throughout the heated verbal exchange. Towards the end of the 2-hour meeting, I’m sorry, it wasn’t a meeting, it was more of a plea session by the residents to the landlord, their benefactor, the landlord upon noticing my unusual calmness, specifically requested that I should speak.

My speech was a very “linear straight-to-the-point” talk. I told him how aggrieved I was about his eviction notice, that it wasn’t worthy to be called an eviction notice. I told him that the 20-day eviction notice was next to “slave treatment”. And finally, I told him that I have made up my mind to leave the apartment, that as a matter of fact, I was already searching for a new apartment, but it could take me between three (3) to six (6) months to locate a new apartment, and I would live in my current apartment for free while searching for the new apartment as “I wasn’t his SLAVE but his tenant”.

My speech took about four (4) minutes, and I walked out on everyone at the meeting with some boss sh*t swagggggg after delivering my speech!


ABC & Associates
Legal Practitioners

16th March, 2015

Dear Sir,

We act as Solicitors to your Landlord, Mr. XYZ, and on his behalf, we give you THREE (3) MONTHS’ NOTICE to quit and deliver up possession of the Two Bedroom flat apartment, which you occupy at the above mentioned address effective from 1st dat of April, 2015 to 30th day of June, 2015.

The landlord requires the said apartment for his personal use.

TAKE NOTICE that you are required to vacate the said apartment, pay your arrears of rent and accrued electricity bill on or before the expiration of the said 30th day of June, 2015 unfailingly.

You are warned to comply in order to avoid litigation.

Dated this 16th day of March 2015.

Yours faithfully,
Adeyemi Ciroma Chukwuma Esq.

Please just guess what my response was? I laughed my f*cking ribs out!

It was a triumph for all the education I had reserved all my life.

It was a triumph for knowing my RIGHT and fighting for it.

It was a triumph for a common man!

Little details like this actually matter. I could have accepted my faith and moved on, but I stood firm, gave the other residents the chance to fight for their right too. Throughout the saga, I was very confident in our case.

You all know what? I will take it a step further, I have contacted a lawyer, I plan to respond the solicitor, requesting for the full “six months eviction notice”!

Lest I forgot, for those of you that don’t know me, I am Comrade Salami Ismail Oyewale, I once served as the President of a University’s Student Union Government. I have engaged university dons, who the heck is my landlord that I won’t triumph over him on such a mundane issue as eviction?



The great eras in human life tend not to fall to pieces overnight or end in one great Hollywood finale, instead they disintegrate over months and years until one day no one can quite recall what it was like when they were so impregnable and so certain.

Those young promising graduate with excellent grades will still be jobless come tomorrow. They have become poverty-stricken vendors, only licensed to scrape together some crumbs to ease the gnawing stomachs of themselves and their parent-less relatives at home. But, as so often is the case these days, they find themselves diminished to doing menial jobs.

The MASSES have only ever cherished ONE election since Democracy set foot on our shores, the 1993 polls, adjudged to be the most credible election in the annals of our country, Nigeria, but the problem for the RULING CLASS is that the loss of the MASSES at the polls, has gradually toughened up the electorates.

Slowly, but perceptibly, these two classes: the MASSES and the RULERS are passing one another in the natural order: it is the MASSES who are the more powerful, the more dangerous and it is the RULERS who now put up resistance, much of it admirable, but ultimately doomed to fail.

That was the nature of it when the electioneering process started for the 2015 General Elections. The RULERS started the brighter until the big boys of the MASSES, aided and funded by the opposition, took charge towards the end of the first half. #GMB, relatively subdued by his high standards scored the first by picking a relatively unknown but widely capable Vice presidential candidate, then #OBJ, never to be outshone, by #GMB of all people, added the second by tearing his PDP membership card before the world and suddenly we were again examining a range of mishaps familiar to the Nigerian Electoral processes of the past.

This time it was the defence of the PDP that was dreadfully out of tune in allowing almost identical balls in behind them from the APC’s press channel to permit, first, #GMB and second, #OBJ, to run at #GEJ and undo much of the good work PDP had done up to that point. #GEJ shouted at #Mimiko, #Mimiko glared at #FFK and everyone wondered why #Muazu had just stopped tracking #OBJ’s run for the second.

Each time, the default position of #GEJ and the PDP is to confront his team’s mistakes as if they are a new phenomenon but really the same old errors are being perpetrated again and again. He pointed out sometimes in the past that his side had the best developmental/progressive records and projects in the history of Nigeria until he was reminded that this was not the first time his party, the PDP, had made such boastful and contentious claims in quick succession after being put under the radar by the opposition party.

There were echoes of the defeat at home to Boko Haram insurgents over the past 6 years when a depleted Nigerian Army conceded territory around the North-East and never recovered. The defeat to Boko Haram via the kidnap of the Chibok Girls in the same North-East featured two decisive errors for the country. Reluctantly, #GEJ agreed to the kidnap of the girls after about 3 weeks of silence. Then the Buni-Yadi school boys were attacked. That’s the final straw that broke the PDP-camel’ back against the Boko Haram insurgents.

There is much to admire about #GEJ’s willingness to face up to the most difficult questions and challenges facing the country. But when he earnestly announced “We underestimated the threat of the Boko Haram insurgents”, you did get that looming feeling that satire could soon be pronounced redundant when it comes to this president and this country.

Meanwhile, the same old tensions play out on the pitch. Reuben Abati and Doyin Okupe, the stand-out media performers of #GEJ again, tried desperately to create some kind of momentum with the anguished aspect of a man who realises he has come of age at the helm of the affairs of the country too late for the good times. #GEJ, even in spite of his “good intentions” for the country, behaves as if every passing minute is an agony. No one is capable of taking responsibility.

The decline is incremental. It is not as if Nigeria are bobbing around anarchy, but this government is another small descent further into mediocrity. The Jonathanians usually rise to the defence of their principal whenever he is taunted by the opposition but back at the Presidential Villa when #GEJ faces his cabinet, at the cocoon of their privacy, relating to the events of the country, you can imagine that the mood will be different if things go awry.

The likelihood of the putative military consortium’s takeover of Nigeria, either by hook or crook, has being reported in the tabloids recently is difficult to judge, but the very suggestion of it is one more black crow on #GEJ’s shoulder. He has fought, over the last 6 years at least, for Nigeria to be run according to his principles for so long but there is very little he can say about the actions of the inner caucus of the Nigerian military with an annual budget of trillions.
Then suddenly, the election got postponed by 6 weeks. The Nigerian Army sprang to life. Wide awake from their slumber, this was the Nigerian Army’s day. Not, as might have been expected in the past 6 years of lacklustre commitments from appropriate quarters, a heroic one-off in which they reached beyond their everyday capabilities to chisel out a famous victory. This time they simply exerted their own superiority over the Boko Haram insurgents in the past 5 weeks. Why wait till election deadline to empower the military to tackle insurgency?

This opposition, APC, has better, not necessarily good, individuals, it is more robust and well organised and while there were moments when PDP had more of the people’s will and greater achievements, the APC team never looked on the rack. There has been an ever present exceptional performance from their national secretariat, headed by their Kwara-born spokesman, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, who was simply superb against the unlimited mechanism of the PDP press crew. So too Femi Fani Kayode on whose future it could be said #GEJ’s got lucky. At the start of this regime, FFK was dining with the APC bigwigs, as the electioneering game went on, a secret visit to the Presidential Villa confirmed the signing of FFK to the redoubtable Transformation Agenda team. FFK now leads #GEJ’s Presidential Campaign media crew. He is the new “attack dog” or “attack lion” as Doyin okupe has corrected us in the past. There has been adequate spark from the APC old boy FFK, he has lightened up the #GEJ campaign team. He is a major moral booster. The intellectually sound #Mimiko has been at the forefront of #GEJ’s re-election bid, sticking very close to the man from Otueke at virtually all campaign rally and functions. Adamu Muazu, picked ahead of Bamanga Tukur, is well worth his place in the team. He is living up to his billing as the true “Game Changer”. How could one forget the impact, either positive or negative, of the Ekiti hardcore grassroot/street-to-the-bone politician, Ayodele Fayose on the ongoing electioneering process? Fayose has been at his best, vocally, attacking anybody “attackable”, wishing death upon the opposition presidential aspirants was outright dumb, which prompted the PDP to rightly distance their campaign from his rabid, loose and unguarded utterances.

Special commendation to the APC National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for spotting GMB’s ambition for the ultimate goal of becoming the GCFR once again very early in the race that the PDP had hitherto had the upper hand. Hate him or loathe him, the Jagaban has roundly given the PDP a great run for their money. Then Atiku Abubakar, another solid performer, broke away from the same PDP to pick his nomination form for the APC’s presidential aspirant. Pushed into a corner by the PDP, there is simply no confidence and zeal left in the Turaki Adamawa’s reserve to turn games around and work for the PDP. He bade his time. Pitched his tent with the APC, lost the primaries, then decided to stick with the APC team.

Patience Jonathan’s statements from the PDP’s press channel always created avenue for the APC’s defence team to capitalise on. Senators and House of Representatives members, switched allegiance from the PDP to the APC after losing their seat at the primaries at will, so too did other politicians of lesser impact on the national stage but greater impact at the grassroots level. The life slowly waned in the PDP’s game, much as it once did with the APC in these derbies of election games back in a past that feels increasingly distant.

An APC win or a PDP win at the forthcoming general elections, the MASSES will be better off for it. No party will get to power and remain dormant henceforth, for the RULERS now know that the MASSES  are now in charge of their destiny.



NEARER TO MY GRAVE By Salami Ismail Oyewale El’Sama

FAMILY EULOGIES in Yoruba Language

Ayinla agan, omo oloponda omo eranyan. Omo eranko, omo eranko gbalanja ori igi. Omo anumi moyi oka. Omo anumi iyan obakare. Omo bo ba mise mabao se, bo bamise maa bomo elomi se. Omo abule sowo. Omo asogbo dile, omo asogbe digboro, omo eranko agan, omo Adekola baba elesin Ayinla baba Aminu, omo osan tinso mongoro.

By birth, I am Ghanaian. By blood and citizenship, a Nigerian. By faith, a MUSLIM. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to GOD.

I just let my hair down in the realization that today; family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances would rejoice with me on clocking XYZ having been born February 15, 19**. Wow! That’s a whooping XYZ years gone in the years that I’m appointed to walk on the surface of the earth before I end up in its belly…… Morbid Ehn!

It is believed among Muslims that the total number of days that an individual will use on the surface of the earth has been preordained even before his birth. This duration can neither be truncated nor elongated. It’s called Destiny.

I think death starts at conception. Growth is a slow death process. That’s why people die naturally when they get too old.

The two extreme of life are BIRTH and DEATH; the surest of all beginning and the surest of all ending.

The beginning can be cheated sometimes with abortions and miscarriages. I’m grateful to GOD and my parents for not cheating on my beginning. But the end can never be defrauded. Once born, we all MUST die.

People may not be equal in life. Some may pass their time thinking that they are better than others, causing misery to others, imposing their so-called ideologies on others in their vain attempt to assume a god-like stature, but in death, we finally achieve the desired ideal state of equality which we unsuccessfully try to pursue through the hokum we call ideology – apartheid, socialism, communism, democracy and all other things that some people say they are prepared to die for.

It is very comforting to remember, always, that your oppressor too, will one day die and be equal to you in that state of oblivion.

That which does not terminate is an omen.

A guy’s mere existence is a crime in this cursed world. You break the law without being aware of it, no matter how you try not to. You commit sin without being aware of it, no matter how you try not to.

How intransigent man can at times be. Never satisfied. Cold, rain, heat and other conditions beyond his control, are all reasons for complaint. Isn’t that a sin against the Creator?

In conclusion, we should all realize that as we keep record of our ages, nature also does its own and we shall all bow out of this earthly stage at the appointed time. There are various and varied means by which we shall exit this world. That good deed that you are planning to do in life when you attain a particular age in the future may already be in the past and our graves are closer to us than we think….. because, by nature, we are all older than our ages.

To everyone who have been part of an enriching existence these part XYZ years, I beseech God Almighty that HE should grant us leave the luxury to celebrate more lengthy years together in good health, loud wealth and peace of mind. Thank you all for putting up with me……most especially my wife, oh no, I’m still single, ok my girlfriend then, need I mention her name? My family folks, I could be the most annoying younger brother on earth, but please bear with me. Insha Allah, I will make you all proud someday.

It’s amazing! I keep getting older but I always look the same age! Thank you LORD.

Happy Birthday Salami Ismail Oyewale El’Sama!


I was born with a wooden spoon….

A silver-like colour wooden spoon….

People confuse it for a silver spoon….

The truth I know….

The truth people around me know….

The facade most people wanna believe….

Sophistication I realised is a thing of the mind and I don’t even think I have that…

As much as I’d like to say money is everything, it isn’t….

Exposure matters….

Intelligence matters….

Self esteem matters….

Money could manipulate these things though….

I am as ghetto as the street kid in Ajegunle….

We speak the same language but different dialects….

We’ve got the same constitution….

I was born with a wooden spoon and I’m grateful….

I could have been born with bare hands….

Thank you GOD.

POEM BY: Huey Mustafa “TAFA” Freeman
FACEBOOK: Exquisite ‘Tafa Alawy
TWITTER: @Tafatruth_show
BBM: 2A46808C
PHONE CONTACT: 07034253933

PHOTO: @cutebabyboss


A new cool seems to be emerging among the Nigerian populace as regards the fast approaching general elections – people tend to support PARTY A at the LG level, then PARTY B at the SG level, and finally PARTY C at the FG level; one individual supporting three different political parties simply because of the personality of the politicians that litter the different parties. Just as virtually all Nigerian politician lack political discipline, they decamp from one party to the other, at every and any slight provocation, so also the populace have become chameleons who change with the personality of their choice from one party to the other. We, as a people, are as nonchalant to party institutions, ethics and ethos, just as the politicians are, the politicians are worse!

Which is why I like specific leaders from different parties who I feel merit my approval of having governed well. I’m an apostle of good governance. For starters, I hate partisan politics. I keep asking myself, how is the APC any different from the PDP? How?
When you’re not relevant in the PDP anymore, port to the APC. As long as you join them to clamour for change first.
Look at Atiku. Founding member of the PDP. Couldn’t get the Presidential ticket of the PDP, he decamped to the ACN for acceptance. Didn’t get it at the ACN, he decamped back to the PDP. Lost out in the PDP presidential primaries, he decamped once again to the APC!

Sometimes last week, the national tabloids were filled with the “APC now the Majority Party in the House of Representative” headline, due to the defection of some H.O.R members from the PDP to the APC. PDP has always been the Majority party in the H.O.R but apparently APC now has that honour (as some may choose to call it). In a Northern state recently, a deputy governor and about 200 of his PDP underlings switched allegiance from the PDP to the APC. The wave of defection from the PDP to the APC over the last 12months remains unprecedented in human history. It only reaffirms the argument from some quarters that the APC is just a dumping party of the PDP or is it truly the wind of CHANGE blowing the PDP stalwarts to the APC?
In my opinion, all politicians and political parties are the same. They are all like a bottle of beer, virtually same taste but different brand name. No difference.

Comparing and contrasting #GEJ and #GMB for a young chap like me is quite difficult. It is similar to comparing the present (GEJ) with the past (GMB). I call GEJ the present because I’ve witnessed and I’m witnessing his tenure as the President of Nigeria. I’ve called GMB the past because I wasn’t fortunate enough to witness his reign as the Head of State. I’ll do my best to compare and contrast what I’ve witnessed personally (GEJ) with what I’ve read from the history books and listened to and heard from the older generations (GMB).

[1] #GEJ
As the President of Nigeria for the past six years, GEJ has obviously had his high points and definitely his low points too. Nobody is perfect. I’ll do my best to rate him on my personal scale as follows:

In my opinion, the greatest gift GEJ gave to Nigeria is the creation of 12 tertiary institutions across the country. This will enable more Nigerians to have access to tertiary education. The surest and most potent way to move the masses out of the doldrums of poverty and penury is to give them access to quality education at affordable cost without compromising the standard of education. I’m aware a lot of people will argue that the existing tertiary institutions are not well funded but my fellow country people, we can’t deny the fact that the total number of tertiary institutions in this country are not enough to cater for the education requirement to drive this nation to the promised land. I score him HIGH on this.
The establishment of about 150 Almajiri schools in the North is also a welcome development. The “education gap ” between Northern Nigeria and Southern Nigeria is a major issue in national polity. These Almajiri schools can only better the lots of the North in particular, and Nigeria in general. I score him HIGH on this.
During GEJ’s tenure, the perennial ever occurring and re-occurring ASUU/ASUP strike roared its ugly fangs, the administration didn’t respond well in real time to their demands, I score him low on that but let me state emphatically, GEJ isn’t the root cause of ASUU/ASUP strike, his government inherited the issue from past regimes.  ASUU/ASUP have always been embarking on strike since time immemorial! I score him LOW on this. 

VERDICT: Generally on EDUCATION, I’ll score GEJ HIGH in this sector. He has contributed immensely to the education sector.   

I’m not an economist, but I see the recent upward ratings of Nigeria in virtually all international economic rating being released by reputable organisations recently as a welcome development. But what beats my imagination is that these “upward ratings” hasn’t really transformed the lives of the average Nigerian. I can still see a lot of my country people living in hardship. Theoretically, the country seems to be booming. Practically, the masses are suffering. The level of unemployment is stark high. The youths are jobless! Under GEJ’s watch, Abba Moro is still on seat after killing innocent and job-seeking Nigerians in the biggest employment scam in world history!
Innocent lives were needlessly lost. The FG failed to guarantee them security at the job screening exercise due to inadequate planning for the exercise. The FG failed to guarantee them jobs. Yet, the were made to pay N1,000 for the exercise, only to lose their lives. Is it a matter of “macro economics” of GDP looking pretty good and sound but the day-to-day “micro economics” not looking all rosy? Economists in the house, please enlighten us, thank you.
I studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and as a semi-expert in that field, I’m aware of the giants stride the government has taken to improve power supply. The deregulation of the power sector, the construction of new power plants, the upgrading of old power plants etc, are all positive steps in the right direction. Just like the economics of the economy of the country, the power sector reforms of President GEJ all sound great theoretically, but in reality, Mr. President has failed to bring power supply closer to the masses. I wouldn’t go hard on GEJ for the power supply challenges of the nation, this is also a perennial problem which the president inherited from past regimes. But until the power supply is fixed to an appreciable level, the small scale industries will continue to remain stagnant, thus the “positive macro economics” won’t transform the “micro economics” of the masses.

VERDICT: In my opinion, GEJ has performed AVERAGELY economically.

Chapter II, Section 14(b) of the Nigerian Constitution states as follows:
“(b) the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government:”

The security or the lack of security of the people of this county is the PRIMARY purpose of the Nigerian Government. A thesis, for or against the security challenges facing this country, could be written by the best security experts and political analysts the world has ever seen, the bottom line is that President GEJ has, either by error of omission or commission, failed in his PRIMARY duty of securing the lives of the people. Till date, Nigerians are still divided on the kidnapped Chibok girls! Do I even need to talk about the Chibok girls? The FG kept mute at first, then later denied that the girls were kidnapped.  To complete the odd cycle, the FG hosted the parents/guardians of the kidnapped Chibok girls. All these pro and anti moves by the FG had the ripple effect of making the government look incompetent in handling the Chibok kidnapping. And till date, it remains a very strong weapon bybthe opposition against the ruling government.
Credit must be given to GEJ for his fight against kidnapping in other parts of the country. In my opinion, GEJ has performed poorly in tackling terrorism and insurgency. Please pro-GEJ folks, spare me the talk about being in a democratic setting thus GEJ can’t go really hard on terrorists and insurgents. We all witnessed what happened in France recently, the French government went in hard on terrorists and extremists. The USA is a widely renowned democratic country, but we’ve all been witnesses to the manner and way the USA tackles terrorism. You go hard on extremists/terrorists!

VERDICT: I’ll score GEJ LOW on security.

Any Nigerian that criticises GEJ on Agriculture is definitely anti-masses. I doff my hat for the man from Otueke, Bayelsa State, who had no shoes but rose to become the president on his agricultural reforms. The FG has done well in curbing the corrupt and sharp practices of the past which prevents hardworking farmers from getting fertilizers, seedlings and other materials required for a successful farming season. In my opinion, GEJ has performed excellently in the Agricultural sector.

VERDICT: I’ll score GEJ EXCELLENT in Agriculture.

The body languages, sentences and actions of President GEJ has painted him as a corruption-friendly leader. I’m not saying categorically that GEJ, as an individual, is corrupt or not, isn’t corruption embedded in our psyche as a nation? My point is that the president has given room for massive corrupt practices to take place under his watch while he turns the other side. In my opinion, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has condoned corruption like we’ve never seen before! He has gone to World TV to say stealing isn’t corruption. To say that if $20bn was missing America would know is amateurish. He has swept so many scandals under the carpet. The NNPC $20b scam. The Stella Oduah BMW bullet proof cars scandal. The Femi Otedola and Faruk Lawan bribery fiasco. The $9.3m Oristejafor arms deal drama. The N24b or N50b Police Pension Fund scam. One single individual corners N24b or N50b meant for thousands of hardworking cops who have served their country for years and who deserve a happy retirement. GEJ has done nothing. His regime has granted pardon to more “corruption-indicted” individuals than any other regime I know of. At least under OBJ, a lot of corrupt individuals spent time in prison. Alams, Ibori, Bode George, Tafa Balogun etc. Bola Ahmed Tinubu faced corruption trials. GEJ came forth and “pardoned” his uncles and leaders. He grants pardon once you are of immense importance in his political scheming. He has used state institutions to attack individuals who have blown the whistle on corruption cases against his close allies (e.g Sanusi saga). Funds gets missing at will and have become untraceable in this administration. Under GEJ’s watch, the various anti-corruption agencies have become comatose and ineffective. I’m a Nigerian and I prefer the anti-corruption agency that was accused of witch hunting the opposition of the presidency back then to a comatose anti-corruption agency that is incapable of attacking both the opposition and the ruling class presently! Please spare me the bluff that GEJ isn’t the judiciary that will tackle corruption cases!

VERDICT: In my opinion, GEJ has performed POORLY on my anti-corruption watch.

President GEJ has done well in improving the transport sector of this country. Major highways are being reconstructed (e.g Lagos-Ibadan, Abuja-Lokoja, Benin-Ore express road, Second Niger Bridge etc). But other major highways are still death traps e.g the Lokoja-Okene express road, the Ajaokuta-Okene express road is an eyesore, amongst others. Yes GEJ inherited these roads, but in governance, virtually all facets are inherited. That shouldn’t be an excuse. The various airports are being upgraded to a world class state. The railway lines are being revived. I commend GEJ on the reforms his administration has carried out in the transportation sector but I’m of the opinion that his administration should have intensified efforts to ensure that major highways across the country were rehabilitated.

VERDICT: In my opinion, GEJ has performed SLIGHTLY ABOVE AVERAGE in the transportation sector.

In my opinion, President GEJ’s undoing has to be his inability to tackle CORRUPTION and INSECURITY head on as the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. With all the forces and resources at his disposal – human, financial, physical, spiritual, metaphysical, seen and unseen, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan shot himself in the foot by not addressing these two pertinent and cogent national issues – CORRUPTION and INSECURITY, with utmost importance and professionalism.
As an individual, I, Salami Ismail Oyewale, a citizen of Nigeria will score President GEJ slightly above average (51%) in his performance as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria over the past 6 years.

[2] #GMB
Well, like I said earlier, I wasn’t fortunate enough to witness the reign of General Muhammadu Buhari as the Head of State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In that context, I have to base my judgement strictly on what I’ve read, what I’ve listened to and what I was told by the older generations who witnessed his rule. And I must confess, GMB is a worthy discussion anyday, any time, either by pro-GMB or anti-GMB folks.

The major talking point about his candidacy by the opposition (APC) is his credibility and impeccable anti-corruption stance. At the moment, GMB seems to be the only Nigerian that is fit enough to tackle corruption head on. It remains to be seen how he intends to achieve that if he wins the race without stepping on the toes of some powerful but allegedly corrupt individuals who are bigwigs of the APC.
The ruling party, PDP, continually raises questions about the alarming level of corruption happening in the APC in Lagos state. The supposed nerve centre of the party. The party leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu alone is alleged, by the ruling party and other opposition parties, to have access to siphon billions of state funds from all APC governed states. He is accused of corruptly owning choice properties (landed and otherwise) everywhere in the APC governed states.
Kicking corruption out is the mission statement of the APC. Will GMB prosecute the allegedly corrupt bigwigs in the APC and PDP, who in the past and present have been found to be corrupt?
Will GMB turn a blind eye and a deaf ear and not prosecute the hands that fed him on the basis of loyalty and Godfatherism?
Isn’t that in itself being corrupt? Has a pact of loyalty and allegiance be signed?
Isn’t this all just a mess? A lot of questions remain to be asked.

VERDICT: In my opinion, GMB must have entered some “untouchable pact” with certain bigwigs of the APC, thus crippling the credibility, effectiveness and efficiency of the anti-corruption crusade of his regime, if he wins the presidential race. Nigerians might witness the return of the “witch-hunting” anti-corruption war.
I expect him to perform better than GEJ in the fight against corruption, if he eventually gets to win the presidential race.

One of the major talking point by the ruling party (PDP) against GMB, is his educational background. A lot of issues and counter-issues have been raised by both the PDP and the APC as regards GMB’s education. But I expect the “People’s General” to scale the education hurdle without much scar. Obviously, the controversy over GMB’s educational background must have swayed some “undecided voters” to the PDP camp over the past couple of days.

VERDICT: Personally, I’m for education.  It is the bedrock for the development of any nation. If you are not educated, I don’t see you offering intellectual leadership for any country. You can’t give what you don’t have. I hope GMB sorts out the education controversy in time before paying costly for it. On the other hand, I do not expect GMB to have held all those key positions in the past and performed with such impressive track records without being educated! I think a storm is being made in the tea cup with his education issue.

GMB isn’t in power, so I can’t judge him on the security or insecurity issues of the country. But  these cogent questions and more should be asked from the “People’s General”:
(i) Does GMB have any relationship with the insurgent BOKO HARAM group?
(ii) Why did BOKO HARAM nominate General Muhammadu Buhari as their sole negotiator when the FG extended the arm of negotiation to the group?
(iii) What role did GMB play in the post 2011 election violence?
(iv) If the 2015 General Election doesn’t go GMB’s way, will we witness another round of blood shedding?

VERDICT: He is a general, isn’t he? I expect him to bring all his expertise, experience and professionalism as a retired soldier to the table and fight this insecurity scourge eating deep into the fabrics of our nationhood to an end.

Another major talking point by the ruling party (PDP) against GMB is the exhibition of total disregard forbthe rule of law shown by retired soldiers. While in office, GMB was accused of exhibiting fascist traits by handing out retroactive punishment and the indiscriminate jailing and killing of leaders from other regions of the country.

VERDICT: There’s this popular saying: “once a general, always a general”. To say GMB won’t exhibit some level of strong leadership is only wishful thinking. I expect GMB to show traits of autocratic leadership, if he gets to power. But again, I think our situation in this country actually needs iron fists to pull us out of the wilderness and position us in the right pedestal among the league of nations.

The APC’s message is that of HOPE and their resolve to CHANGE the fortunes of Nigeria and Nigerians.
The PDP’s message is that of performance over the last 16 years and their commitment to the TRANSFORMATION of the fortune of Nigeria and the lives of Nigerians over the next 4 years.
GMB and the APC have presented a well documented manifesto to all Nigerians to showcase their plans, dreams and aspirations for Nigeria if elected come February 14, 2015. On the other hand, GEJ and the PDP have also tabled their performance and track record over the past 16 years to Nigerians.
I’m glad both parties are aware of the need to either CHANGE or TRANSFORM the fortunes of Nigeria and Nigerians.

GEJ has ruled for six years, on the basis of the above and many others, does he deserve another four years or not?

But…is APC’s Buhari the answer?
At 72, is he fuelled by the personal ambition of correcting his errors as a Head of State by becoming a President, or is he really about CHANGE?

For how long will this festering, decaying mess that is Nigeria continue?
From whence cometh the messiah and the hour?

Which way Nigeria?

Do our “keyboard activists” on social media even have a PVC? If they do, do they have what it takes to deliver a polling unit? Would they exercise this fundamental right to vote good leaders into power and create a future for their kids? Or would they just sit back and say “my vote won’t count”?
We must build a better Nigeria, by becoming more active, physically and intellectually, in the construction of today’s Nigeria. It starts with the forthcoming general election.
We, the masses, are now the treasured maid being courted from all quarters. Our vote is our voice to a better Nigeria. Please vote wisely. #BeWise

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In 2014: I laughed. I cried. I turned up. I was turned down. I loved. I was loved. I lost trust and I was betrayed. But most importantly, I LEARNED to survive. Thank you my CREATOR!

There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will.

Over the past twelve months, my life has been shaped by my association and ‘de-association’ with a lot of friends. I have found out, I could not have lived the year alone, and done the things I did without the unprecedented show of support, love and care I have received from a lot of my brothers, sisters, friends, uncles, aunts and LOVER(s).

I am using this medium to say a big thank you, for your desire to associate with me throughout the year. To those friends, who really ignited the passion to love and live life to its brim, I really appreciate your unquantifiable efforts. To those close friends, who really are my backbone and sometimes my last resort, I thank you for being with me throughout the year, especially when I needed you most. To the new few friends I have been able to meet, I thank you in a special way for the warm reception and assistance I have received from you, I sincerely hope our friendship will wax stronger this coming year. To those people, that I have been able to make an impact, created an impression and rendered assistance in my own little way, I thank you for giving me the chance and courage to do so. A special thanks to those that always say thank you to me, “thank you for always thanking me”.

According to John Locke; “All men are liable to error; and most men are, in many points, by passion or interest, under temptation to it.”

To those people that my flaws have not given them the opportunity to see my other good attributes, I sincerely apologise for my weakness in this regards, and hope you’ll find a place in your heart to forgive me, and also study me to recognise the better part of me too. To those people I have deliberately, willingly or unwillingly wronged, which might have created some bad impressions about me, I apologise for my wrong doings and also plead for your forgiveness, this last day of the year.

I’ll like you to know that I’m so imperfect, full of flaws, but despite my perfect imperfection, I have tried and I’m still trying my best to show people around me how useful I can be. Thank you all for the profound impacts you have had on my life.

Similarly, I thank you all, the viewers, readers, likers and commenters on my blog: for the supports, prayers, wishes and the true love you have shown me this year, I sincerely hope to receive more of this next year.

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As we approach the new year, kindly note that “because we cannot do everything does not mean we should not do something”. It is election year, the future of the country lies in your vote, kindly vote wisely.

I wish you and your family a wonderful year in 2015 and also pray that may the good Lord grant you the very best of your heart desires.

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Thank you all, and God bless you all.
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