One more bullet in the sky,
One more eyes flowing with tears,
One more cutlass in the sky,
One more mother cry to die.

One more ambush set in a place,
One more orphan found in the cold,
One more father set ablaze,
One more future kicked like stone.

One more million sent for arms,
One more village may soon be harmed,
One more bigot rule the land,
One more criminal feel he’s right.

One more kid sleeping on the street,
One more elite to be kidnapped,
One more village denied exposure,
One more battle some years to come.

One more PVC not received,
One more fool will climb the throne,
One more vote not defended,
One more tenure of agony and pains.

One more person stingy with voice,
One more injustice will fade away,
One more deceit to him himself,
One more integrity weathered down the globe.

One more you is yet to join,
One more voice is yet to sound,
One more pen is yet to write,
One more chance is about to slip.





For all that you did for me,
For all that you said about me,
For all that you wrote about me,
For deciding to make me smile,
For keeping your own needs on hold,
For making me the focus of your day,
For reassuring me with your words,
For, I must confess, those affections was duly needed.


For reaching out to me,
For nurturing and celebrating me,
For being there for me each year,
For in hard times that seems to have no end,
Nothing beats the affections from one’s family, friends, colleagues, associates, contemporaries and wellwishers.

THANK YOU my creator for blessing me with the lovely and amazing people around me.

THANK YOU for strengthening our bonds of relationship for eternity. Now and forever.

THANK YOU my family, friends, colleagues, associates, contemporaries and wellwishers,
for always being there for me on my special day!

Merci bien (thanks a lot)!
Merci beaucoup (thank you very much)!
Merci mille fois (thank you a thousand times)!
Merci infiniment (thank you a million)!
Je vous aimes tous (love you all)!


Permit me to start this day with the words of Aristotle Onassis:

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”


Upon my entry into this coast,
My soul was lost.

Upon my sojourn into this ground,
My heart was drowned.

How can I fight,
If I don’t see the light?

How can I go on,
If I feel that I’m alone?

How can I triumph,
If these hurdles are too many?

And how can I be me,
If I already lost me?

In the middle of this difficulty,
God gave me a great opportunity,
To meet an angel in reality,
Who will stay by me till eternity.

How can I thank God?
For this life time blessing.

I have prayed for good life,
Sound health and worthy wife.

The rest are temporary,
Only these will make you wealthy.

It’s you that keeps me going,
Our bond, ordained in heaven.

We shall keep it till the trumpet sounds,
When we shall report as one!

Happy birthday Salami Ismail El’sama “SAMA”!!!


I’d end with these words from Benjamin Franklin:

“Wine (celebration) is a constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.”

And since there’s no law against being so happy on one’s special day, please keep celebrating my magnetic personality till I can’t wipe those megawatt smiles off my face!



The piece below is a post from my secondary school WhatsApp group.

Y’all know yours sincerely, SAMA, was a very gentle, easy going, God fearing and responsible student back then at FEGCO. I have no idea what Valentine Day Celebration was all about back then! 😎🚢

Below is my fair share of Valentine in #FEGCO.

If you did receive Val’s gift back then in FEGCO, please raise your hands πŸ™Œ. LOL.

Valentine came with lot of drama back in school, it make me laugh hard now that I remember.

It is a usually staged, perfectly planned activity by the guys who give these gifts, while the babes anticipate the arrival of gifts and a new found love.

Some guys prefer wthe hand written note on A4 paper properly ruled out to show their artistic talent, the letters with “For-Your-Eyes -Only” signs and those with “Ignore-The-Error” written on top before you read. 🀣

I can tell you the thought brings feeling I can’t describe. Were the gifts from the purest hearts or just for show off? Was it to intimidate that girl you asked out that said no, or was it because you could afford it or saved or collected extra at home because of that purpose?

I can’t but imagine how the purchasing of gift was done, was it with thoughtful intentions or just that girls love perfumes, wine and cards?

Most times these gifts will always come with the rose flower in transparent containers with a card saying “I LOVE YOU”. Abeg who has put a ring on any of those fingers? πŸ˜‚

Yes Love is a beautiful feeling, I wish many back then knew why it was celebrated. I had my fair share of val’s day shenanigan back in FEGCO. First time I got such gift was in SS1, I was on my way back from the dining hall after manging the specially prepared Eba and okro properly made by seasoned chefs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

I can’t remember what the gifts were but it had a card that stated someone’s name that took a while to recollect who he was.

Was it the hostel drama of girls trying to see the gift they will love to hide because you don’t want friends to see? Or the soap opera of why was it you that got the gift from him and not me?

Also the guys feeling fly by coming to the legendary Love Lane/Mango tree close to the Girl’s hostel to visit the babe that got his gift thereby starting a conversation that may lead no where (in hindsight, it has proven that it has led to nowhere. 😁)

I miss the innocent days were some had bad thoughts nd actions planned for Valentine. (like the packaging of poo in Milo tin with a very attractive package to be opened while surrounded by the curious lady folks! Una wicked oooo πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€£)

My last Valentine’s gift in FEGCO includes a wine, wristwatch, a Val’s card, perfume and a Glo sim with things I wish I could remember now. I gave out the Sim card in school because I couldn’t take it home (where I wan tell my mama sey I see sim card? πŸ˜‚) and the person still uses the sim till date (don’t ask me who I gifted it to because he who gave the gift can’t remember the number). πŸ˜…

I now have mixed feelings about Valentine, but I know true love does not have a special day to be shown. Love is beautiful. Love is kind and above all, self love is very important. It is the Genesis of loving others.

I choose to Love ….

Who will be my Valentine? I guess it’s not too late to ask. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜…

Enjoy the celebration of love my people! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ‘„πŸ‘„



The National Association of Nigerian Students  (NANS) – the apex student body responsible for the welfare of over 30.1 million Nigerian Students both at home and in diaspora – is in a quagmire. Our association is torn between loyalty to cultism and loyalty to the welfare of Nigerian Students.

There is an urgent need for NANS to take the bull by the horn and confront the menace of cultism in various campuses across the length and breadth of Nigeria head on. NANS has the deeply entrenched structure to mobilise nationally to stampede cultism to a standstill. But our association is being docile on this cogent issue tarnishing the image of Nigerian Students. 
This association must stand and defend – as a matter of topmost priority – the interest of wellmeaning Nigerian Students caught in the firing line by rival cult groups. 
This silence from NANS on cultism in Nigeria is deafening. The recent gruesome murder(s) by rival cult groups domiciled in the Ekiti State University (EKSU) is worrisome and troubling. As it has happened in Ekiti, it will happen elsewhere. 
Genuine comrades, cadres and student leaders from the lowlands in the South through the hills and plateaus in the Central to the plains in the North must take a stand. It is our battle. It cannot be fought on our behalf. We must not abscond in our duty to preserve the little integrity left of the Nigerian Students Movement.

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) is yet to release a statement on the recent killings in EKSU. NANS must borrow a leaf from the once vibrant OAU Student’s Union Government whose standout performance during her glorious years has always been the total war waged on, any and every form of, cultism on the OAU campus. Examples abound of other ideologically driven SUGs in the country who took such stance.

The leadership of NANS across all levels – state, zonal and national – must desist from patronising cult members before, during and after every of its conventions and programmes. I make bold to state categorically without fear or favour that the NANS is one of the greatest patronisers of cult members in this country!
Students and cultists are light and darkness. We should never meet. We are two parallels that will and must never converge. Students are ideologues. Cultists are rogues. Students are pro-intellectuallism. Cultists are pro-violence. Students use pen. Cultists use weapons. Students are the hope for a rosy future. Cultists are the remembrance of our brutal past. Students are progressives. Cultists are reactionaries.
The campaign season is already taking shape in the rank and file of NANS comrades. From the equatorial in the South to the semi-arid in the North, the battle for the NANS top seat is shaping up to be delivered to the tropicals in the Central. Let any aspirant present a blueprint to stamp out cultism from our campuses and we shall devote resources and mobilise same for such aspiration.


Kindly join the Anti-Cultism social media campaign to lend your voice to this menace which has eaten deep into the fabric of Nigerian education system by posting thus on your various social media accounts:


Salami Ismail Oyewale is my name … I am a prominent youth and former students leader in Nigeria. I am not a CULTIST …. I have never been a part of any of their clandestine activities. 





Tobi Ayanwoye an 18-yr-old student of Federal Government College Ogbomoso has exhibited sheer creativity and technological acumen by constructing an alarm footmat and solar-powered mower and grinder.

Tobi and his mother posing with his solar powered grinder


The Senior Secondary School (SSS 3) student who is an indigene of Oyo State exhibited his invention during the schools’ Project Showcase event held recently at the FGC Ogbomoso premises. 
In a bid to support the young innovator, a member of the Federal Government College Ogbomoso Old Student’s Association (FEGOCOOSA) had on Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 donated N100,000 to support the young innovator. This donation was made during the annual FEGOCOOSA Reunion Party held in Lagos.

Alarm Footmat, solar powered grinder and mixer on display


In the same vein, we are calling on the Ministry of Science and Technology, relevant agencies and philanthropists to support in kind and cash the budding young innovator from FGC Ogbomoso.


Newly constructed Leading Footsteps Orphanage

The much canvassed gestures of charity, helpfulness and philanthropy was on Friday, December 30, 2016, set in motion in Ondo town as an Ondo businessman and former Chairman, Ondo West Local Government donated a fully built and well equipped orphanage.
With a functional state of the art facilities, the Leading Footsteps Orphanage was handed over to the use of the public at a well-attended ceremony held at its premises in Ondo town. 

Speaking at the Occasion, the Proprietor and initiator of Leading Footsteps Orphanage, Hon. Biola Makinde thanked God for the successful completion of the project and appreciated the people in attendance.

He noted that the idea of building the home was brought about by the desire to give back to a section of the society, where he expects no reward or appreciation. He emphasised that the full support of the people is needed in sustaining the gesture and making it live up to its dream.

Speaking further, Hon. Makinde hinted that next in his selfless service towards giving back to the community is a scholarship scheme scheduled to commence in Ogun state University very soon.



In pics:

L-R: 1. Chief Imam of Ondo town. 2. Mrs Akinlaja, Wife of the Chairman of the occasion. 3. Chairman of the occasion, Dr. Akinlaja. 4. Proprietor and Initiator, Mr. Biola Makinde. 5. Mrs Makinde, Wife of the Proprietor. 6. In suit, Hon. Ade Adeniyi (M.H.A)


Also speaking at the event, the Chairman of the occasion, Dr. Joseph Akinlaja – the House of Representative member, representing Ondo West and Ondo East Federal constituency at the National Assembly, expressed utmost joy at the gesture. He further said it is one of the best things that can ever happen to humanity.

Donated Baby sleep bed


In his words: β€˜for someone to donate a property worth over 30 million Naira to the orphanage is something not everyone will do, and it is worthy of emulation.’

He encouraged other people in the society to replicate great similar gestures to move the community forward.

Also present at the event were Hon. Ade Adeniyi – Member, Ondo state House of Assembly, the Osemawe of Ondo kingdom, religious leaders and other business associates of the Proprietor.

Donated Adolescent sleep bed